Fun without Sun - Snow Pics!

As the threat of snow got me sent home from a work a little earlier than usual, I decided to get some choirs done. So with thermals donned I set out to fit some new brake pads on my motorcycle. A simple task and whilst I was there I could give the calipers a good clean too. I didn't think, it wasn't until half way through the job that I realized I didn't have the right tools to put it all back together again. The snow had started to fall and the light was going fast - what a wally I am

Fortunately my local hardware store (10 min walk) had the tools in stock and the job was finished half an hour later, but by now it was dark and the snow was falling heavier. As snow is a bit of a rarity around here I thought it would be nice to go out with the camera - besides my thermal covered parts were still warm, so what the heck :)

There was next to no light now, so with a mini tripod under arm, off I set into the mini blizzard. As it was getting dark I would need long exposures, but this tends to madly burn out any lighting. So I took a few varying exposures each time, then stitched them together later in Photoshop. Below are a couple of the shots I gathered before journeying home. On route, I enjoyed watching cars slide all over the road, like some kind of slow metallic ballet

Rochester Castle

The Vines

Hope you like them, I enjoyed taking them - It's stopped snowing already and much of it is already melting :(


IndigoWrath said...

Nice pictures matey! Snow in half light is very atmospheric!

Eolist Petite said...

majestic! makes me wish i were there.

CatLadyLarew said...

Lovely photos! (Vlad's motorcycle is still sitting out in the driveway, covered in snow... will probably sit there now until spring!)

idifficult said...

Lovely shots mate. Love the way the light falls from the lamppost outside Rochester Castle.

AniPants said...

lovely pictures baby.
wish we could have a photo day together.
keep up the good work =]

Kato said...

I love the pics!

I also love the line "slow, metallic ballet". How eerily beautiful.