Motorcycles - My 'other' love*

*It was going to happen eventually

For those that do not know me too well, I get a great deal of joy from riding my trusty Triumph Scrambler. Yet despite being in a very happy relationship with her - which I have no desire to end - I do get a little curious about the 'other' bikes out there, and when no one else is around, I browse chrome on the internet.

The problem is, none of the bikes made these days ignite my interest. Sure, they are all powerful and have super sleek lines, yet they lack a little soul with their eco-friendly exhausts and fuel injection systems. And I'm not the kinda guy that needs to go 185 mph, so my attention tends to be grabbed by the older bikes and the custom builds.

And when I fumble... stumble, onto a real corker I put them to one side for later viewing. So I thought I'd share with you some of my favorites - mainly bobbers and cafe racers. I really, REALLY, want to build one of these one day. I already have a bike in mind ('78 Honda CB750) and have plenty of ideas talking to each other behind slightly ajar doors in my head. Needless to say, if/when I start this project, I'll be posting the details :)

So to sum this up nice and neatly, below is a very different kind of soft porn, for those that find themselves staring, a little too long, at someone else's ride - in an appreciative way of course

Curiously, which one do you think is my favorite out of these fine machines?


I hope you've enjoyed the fine chromage


IndigoWrath said...

Hola Robbie!

Nice wheels! I must confess to finding some geek joy in number 11 for no reason I can clearly define. Only to look at, you understand; I'd need something REAL comfy that didn't involve much bending over.

By the way, "and have plenty of ideas talking to each other behind slightly ajar doors in my head" - nicely said, Sir.


James said...

You missed my XJ chop out man!

Adam has just bought an 86 GPZ which he plans on either chopping or making into a Cafe Racer...

I think the 80s was the last generation of old school muscle.. you can get a decent 80s machine, tear off all the tacky plastic and yellow striping and build a real beast out of the bikes.

Since then, especially the past 10 years or so, everythings lost the guts and soul needed for our spirits.

Eolist Petite said...

Oh man such beauties - all of them!
i must admit when it comes to bikes, cars, and even homes my eyes wander toward the aged and/or customized as well... probably the reason i left a huge part of my heart in your neck of the woods.

as for your favorite, i'm going to throw a wild dart and guess number 1 because her beauty is simple, elegant and understated - extremely sexy without saying it out loud.

me, i like number 14 - sex on wheels... by the way i'm certain this one is male. ;)

Ted said...

No. 8 or No.18 me thinks.

All men need a garden shed project to escape to - this seems perfect. I can understand your deep desire to custom your own; I'm planning to build a Caterham 7, but could easily be tempted to construct one of these too!!


Occasionally called Robbie said...

Indigo! - No.11 is a bit of a beast no? And I am glad you picked up on that line, I was quite proud of that :)

James - Sorry buddy! I don't know how I missed your Chop out :) But I totally agree with you on the modern bike front - not enough soul (I'll check out the GPZ)

Eolist - No.14 male? I would have to agree with you there, as for No.1 for me... a very interesting choice, it does ooze character

Ted - Mr Grey also guessed No.8 and I can see why, No.18 on the other hand is just a tank on two wheels, you've gotta love that! Obviously Ted, when the project starts I'll be needing a hand :)

Thank you all for visiting - I'll be posting which one is my favorite on Monday, but interesting choices so far :)

idifficult said...

No 22, I think.

Kato said...

I don't know about you, but I LOOOOVE number 3. That is a beautiful bike.

I enjoyed this post quite a bit strangely. I say strangely because I never thought I liked bikes, but all of these are gorgeous and made me happy to look at, so thank you!

Roy Smith said...

1, 5, 15 and 19 for me I think

Occasionally called Robbie said...

It is difficult to chose form a selection of such lovely bikes - but the one that really stands out for me is No.7. It looks sleek & strong with an air of experience, like a mighty war horse :)

IndigoWrath said...

Hey matey, you might like to check out the CAPTAIN'S BLOG SUPPLEMENTAL on my latest blog entry. You get a present. Excited? Well, it's a bit girly, but I'm sure you'll cope. Get in touch with your feminine side! Indigo

idifficult said...

Just thought I'd let you know I've given you the Best Follower award over at: http://idifficult.blogspot.com/2010/02/more-than-you-want-to-know.html

Er, Congratulations.

Eolist Petite said...

love that choice, and the reasoning behind it, the lucky girl!

455TransAm said...

Number 8 looks nice!

Fleming said...

Im going for number 17 that bike is amazing good ole triumph bobber simplistic and those colors awesome.

thom said...

The Guzzi (n°7) of course !
Nice choice anyway !