Frequently wandering about my mind...

Wandering - as I do so frequently - about my mind, I noticed how much of it was empty.

Really? Why so surprised? - I hear you ask

Ha ha - I reply

But this was a different kind of empty. Not the usual looking out the window empty, but a void, something was missing. I was already in a roaming mood, so I decided to wander some more, see if I could find any clues.

I found the usual hot spots still in-tacked, the computer game hub, the gadget lust center and the mammary gland appreciation gallery. But the void seemed important, I could feel its emptiness scratches at the edges yet was clueless as to what it could be.

I roamed some more - deeper this time - I see places that I have not visited for a while, not all good, but most bring a smile to my face. I see people and places from my past, they are dull and fuzzy as they bide their time in comfy memory pods, just waiting on the appropriate trigger to make them sparkle again. I love this place, so many pods, cushioning my life, a testament to my journey.

Still clueless, I went back to the present to give the void a long hard stare. It made me uncomfortable, all that nothing. A few years ago I would have turned away, but I've changed a little along the way, I'd say my life has more focus now. Instead of letting the void worry me, I decided on filling it up. Just think, all that space to create new comfy memory pods in! I don't know what the future holds, but if I'm going to get close to filling this thing, I'm certainly going to make the most of it.

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Occasionally called Robbie said...

CatLadyLarew said...
Oh, there are just so many lovely things you could fill your brain with!
5 June 2010 20:17

Occasionally called Robbie said...
Catlady - Cheers for stopping by, I agree, with some luck the future will hold my best memories yet :)
5 June 2010 23:50

idifficult said...
I like this. Just keep backfilling the void mate.
6 June 2010 01:40

idifficult said...
BTW, the new site style is really good. I like the rounded corners and use of transparency on the neutral but interesting background. I think it'd look even better if the top menu bar had rounded corners and the hover-over on the menu items were rounded too.
6 June 2010 01:44

IndigoWrath said...
Hey Robbie, nice one matey. You should be totally proud of this entry; for me, it's your best yet. And better yet, you beat me to the punch; my "perimeter walk" entry will have to wait, damn you! More, Sir! Indigo
6 June 2010 06:47

Occasionally called Robbie said...
idifficult - Thanks! And points noted on the blog, good observations, the rounded corners do look better, I do not yet know how to got them on the menu, but I'll be looking into it, also maybe the comment need to be rounded off too? - research :)

Indigo - Such high praise! Thank you so much, more to come? I hope so :)
6 June 2010 09:29

Eolist Petite said...
beautiful insight.
and a wonderful view, my own mind, for the most part, is filled with web covered boxes waiting to be opened... though there are a few very inviting kitchen tables from where i can smell the coffee brewing.

Robbie, you have a brilliant way of looking at things and i never fail to come away impressed.

6 June 2010 09:59

Occasionally called Robbie said...
Annie - as always your words are far too kind, thank you ever so much, I'm glad you like =)
6 June 2010 10:44