Profoto Lighting Test

Using a simple set up - light from the left and small reflector to the right - I have created a series of portraits which highlights the different types of light that can be achieved in the studio, using various sources. Try not to get too distracted by the handsome model, but pay attention to the depth of the shadows and to how far the light travels...
The lights/attachments used

Bare Dish
•hard light, deep shadows, large spread, long drop off•

Dish with Honeycomb
•hard light, deep shadows, narrow spread, mid drop off•
Dish with Umbrella
•soft light, mid shadows, large spread, long drop off•
Beauty Dish
•mid light, mid shadows, mid/large spread, long drop off•
•soft light, soft shadows, mid/large spread, long drop off•
•hard light, hard shadows, narrow spread, long drop off•
Ring Flash
•Hard light, soft shadows, mid spread, short drop off•

Well I hope you found that useful, thanks for stopping by (",)

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Occasionally called Robbie said...

IndigoWrath said...
He's 'n 'andsome bugger!

How much would I have to pay you to make ME look that good for the blog? I know, I know, there ISN'T that much money...

Nice. Photos. Matey.

[By the way, if you trimmed your moustache to a square, on the floppy fringed ones you'd be a dead ringer for that nice Mr. Hitler.]

19 August 2010 07:35

Occasionally called Robbie said...
Hey Indigo! - cheers for stopping by, and you don't need my help - your banner photo radiates confidence, masculinity and square jawed righteousness :)

As for a square moustache - not sure I'm going to go that route - lol
19 August 2010 07:56

Ula Keka said...
These are awesome Dude!!
Can I come out to play and have a bunch of silly candid/funky shots taken of me? Plus it would be a good fun way the spend an afternoon and catch up XD
19 August 2010 09:03

Occasionally called Robbie said...
Hey Kat! I never knew you had a blog - how awful of me :(
Any shoot we do would end up silly candid & funky no matter what our intentions may have been =D
20 August 2010 06:31

Anonymous said...
Hey Kirafiki, ( i think :) Thanks for posting this. You have to LOVE profoto light mods. When you said dish with umbrella, are you using the a soft-light reflector with a shoot through umbrella? I actually did that with an alien bee for a portrait session the other day and quite liked the results. It gave the light quite a bit more power and seemed to focus it a bit more in the center. Also, when you say "Drop off" are you referring to how quickly the shadows drop off?

thanks again
26 August 2010 07:01

CatLadyLarew said...
Great demo, using yourself as the subject! Of course, I have no idea how you actually accomplished each lighting variation. (I know very little about actual photography, although my ex was a photo archivist & historian.)
26 August 2010 12:27

Occasionally called Robbie said...
Anonymous - Hello! You are right, I should have been more clear with my description - I didn't shoot through the umbrella but used it reflected with a white lining. But shoot through does give you a great light as you said :) As for "drop off" I was referring to how far the light travels ie; the background of the bare dish image, is much brighter than when using the softbox. I hope that helps, cheers again :)

Catlady - Hey, cheers for stopping by! I enjoyed doing this as it involved two of my favorite things - Photography and me! lol
27 August 2010 04:10

Stefan Tell said...
Great post, and a very good comparison. I've been thinking about doing something like this myself, but now I don't have to.

BTW, what is the distance between light - you - background?
27 August 2010 07:23

Occasionally called Robbie said...
Stephan - Many thanks! The light was about 1.8M from me and the background was about 5M behind me, I hope that helps :)
27 August 2010 09:37

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Good job

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8 October 2010 08:32