Cartoon Femme Fatales - The Teenage Years

After last weeks Disney femme fatale discovery, my mind went a wandering - on the internet - in search of other childhood cartoon womanly wonders. It took much longer than I imagined to find what I was looking for, but when I considered the imagination and focus of most teenage boys, I was no longer surprised by quite how much triple X rated fan art there is out there. But after some gasps, some chuckles and disapproving head shaking, I managed to find versions of those childhood characters that best reflected how part of me remembered them. Characters that made watching cartoons as a, hormone heavy teenage boy... pretty confusing!

I thought all these pictures were awesome, with some neat twists on the originals.
Is there any that I missed?
Enjoy ;)

Sorceress of Castle Greyskull - HeMan
One of my favorite characters, powerful yet demure, with a sexy far-away voice
Evil Lyn - HeMan
Teela - HeMan
There are many sexy pictures of Teela out there, but this one made me smile the most :)
She-Ra Princess of Power - She-Ra

Cheetara - Thundercats
Part Cat, part woman - very confusing times

Gloria Baker & Vanessa Warfield - M.A.S.K
Sworn enemies that kicked arse better than the guys

Betty Boop
A classic character that hasn't changed since the 30's

Olive Oye - Popeye

Cadbury Bunny
This bunny really likes her caramel

April Oneil - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Wilma Flintstone & Betty Rubble - The Flinstones
Wilma or Betty? A common debate around the globe

Babs Bunny

Jessica Rabbit - Who Framed Roger Rabbit
still has that wow factor

Jane Jetson - The Jetsons

Teenangles - Captin Caveman

Sheila - Dungeons and Dragons

Heloooo Nurse - The Animaniacs
Related to Jessica Rabbit?

Marge Simpson - The Simpsons

Smurfette - The Smurfs

Lola Bunny

She-Ra, Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Cheescake
Too funny a picture not to be included

Daphne Blake - Scooby Doo
Always Freds first choice, but the fans have always had a bigger soft spot for...

Velma Dinkley - Scooby Doo
Always a geeks first choice :)

Have a great weekend!

p.s I'm sorry I didn't credit the pictures, but if I used one of your images it's because it rocks!