HE-MAN Villains Last Supper

Well, it would seem I am on a roll with this theme. Although this image took much longer than I expected... about 5 weeks longer o_O

What started life as a simple montage, soon developed into an epic quest of pixel pushing, fuelled by the perfectionist in me to make something visually satisfying. Six weeks later I still don't feel it's finished, for the past few days I've added other characters, placed food on the table and used alternative lighting - yet I wasn'y happy with any of them. So for the time being, I'm considering it done. 

Characters from left to right (excuse the spelling, and feel free to correct me, I'm going from memory here)

Beastman, Webstor, Whip-lash, Spikor, Triclops, Two Bad, Skeletor, Evil Lyn, Mer-man, Clawful, Trap Jaw, King Hiss (yes, that's his real name!) & Stinkor

Maybe now I can move on to another project... maybe

Thanks for stopping by :D

Update: Less than 15 Hours later... and changes have taken place - why can I not just let this one go!? So hopefully for the last time, here is the final picture... I hope:
This print is also available to buy, if anyone likes it enough to part with their hard earned cash, clicky HERE


Jarik73 said...

Good one fella

Thomas O'Neill said...

Pretty cool fella

Thomas O'Neill said...

Awesome mate

Occasionally called Robbie said...

Many thanks, I should probably get on with some diy now I've stopped playing around :)

Indigo Roth said...
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Indigo Roth said...

Great work, matey! Married life been keeping you busy?

Occasionally called Robbie said...

Thanks Indigo! :) The wife has been Florence Nightingale for her family for a while, so this has helped keep me out of trouble :)

Anonymous said...

i love this!