Photoshop by numbers...

One of my favorite digital activities is to knock back colour images to black and white, then re-paint them by hand using photoshop. Not only do I like the effect it has upon an image, I find the process very calming.

Below is an example of what I enjoy doing broken down into it's various components. Now don't get me wrong, I very much like the starting image (taken a few years ago now) but as mentioned before, I take pleasure in deconstructing then rebuilding - probably a result a LEGO dominant childhood :)
Starting image taken on Whistable beach

A quick tidy up of the image with a slight foot change

Applied a black & white filter whilst lightening the model a little

Then step by step, painted in washes of colour

To finish, with a slight warm up. And an image that feels both real, yet not

Here's the final comparison

Cheers :)


Vicky Webb said...

i've seen this photo everytime i go in the print bureau, but i didnt realise this photo was one of yours :)

Kato said...

Awesome photo dude! You really are a talented one aren't you? :)

idifficult said...

I heard Toyota photoshopped a working brake peddle on a picture of one of their cars? Can you do things like that?

Kitty Moore said...

Love the ethereal feel to it.

Eolist Petite said...

you amaze me without ceasing - most excellent work! *secretly wishes she knew how*

Occasionally called Robbie said...

Vicky - lol Yes you do! In fact, all those pictures are mine =) I may go ahead and repaint them all in same style at some point :)

Kato - *blush*

iDcult - If the moneys right, of course I can :)

Kitty - Thank you so much!

Eolist - Too kind as ever Annie, glad you like it =)