Forgotten moments and baby steps

After sorting through the mammoth of images from the end of last week, I stumbled across a folder I had forgotten all about! So I thought I'd give them some air :) I only took these images a few weeks back but have been so caught up with stuffs (see last post) that I had forgotten all about them

Also today I got my .com confirmed, and whilst I do not have time to make a web site just yet, I did manage to knock up a quick splash page. I hope to make this a great site eventually but as I said - baby steps :)
See you again soon!


IndigoWrath said...

Hey, so are you saying I'll soon know a famous businessman?! Coooool. Cabn I borrow a fiver? Sweet, thanks. Indigo

idifficult said...

You're a .com! Fantastic - I'm only a .me.uk and a .org although I am hoping with some watering and the right sort of nurture they'll become .com's too one day.

Eolist Petite said...

beautiful photos - such a creative eye/edge you have. =)
i think this little bit at the bottom of your new .com webpage: I like making things says it all. ;)

Occasionally called Robbie said...

Indigo - I'd be very surprised if I ever make any money out of this adventure, but if I do, then the curries are on me :)

iDcult - I have every faith in your nurturing techniques! No doubt your .com's will one day own a hollowed out volcano to run their 'logistical' enterprises from

Eolist - That was my favorite part too - and so very true! =)

Kitty Moore said...

Love the images - can I come along with you and Indigo for a curry too?

Becca said...

wow great photography :)