Portal Still Alive Song - The Best/Geekiest Remakes

Like many gamers out there, I simply loved playing Portal by Valve, it was so different from the cacophony of FPS that had flooded the market. It's peaceful, inquisitive and challenging characteristics made it a classic, and to top it all off, when you reached the end and were presented with the end credits, instead of the usual lackluster scrolling text, you are treated with this little gem:
Portal, credits song - written by Johnathan Coulton - Posted by OverTheGun

And this song in turn inspired the gaming communities more musically talented, to create their own tributes. With literally hundreds of version out there I decided to dedicate this page, to the ones which I considered the best of the bunch. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Still Alive 3.0 - created using mario paint by geoffnet

Still Alive Typography - created by Kilrok

Portal Still Alive 8 bit - created by thesilentseraph

Still Alive 2.0 - created by 256byteram on an intel 8080 processor

Updated 2/4/12:

I had to add this video to the list, as it's so darn amazing! 

Still Alive, sung by a laser drawing the aperture logo by chjade84

Now time for some cake... what do you mean there isn't any?!

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