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Televisions have always consumed me

As an early riser I used to rush down stairs and plonk myself in front of the screen.
Nothing was being broadcast though
just static stared back at me.

I used to see shapes and imagine characters 
living in the black and white hiss,
creating stories and going on adventures
often of epic proportion.
Dragons, knights, spaceships and more,
I found solace in this analogue maelstrom.

Eventually the signals came through
and my imagination could take a pew,
as Laurel and Hardy impressed upon me
the beauty of slapstick comedy

It all started with Intellivision

I was four or five that christmas,
when Mum gave Dad his gift.
And I waited patiently as he set if up,
wondering what it could be.

Before me the screen shone simple shapes,
I was struggling to see the attraction.
Until he explained that he was an archer,
defending his castle from an enemy invasion.
My inner eye took a hold of this,
the battle field sprang to life
"watch out for the catapult Dad!"
As 9 pixels unleashed it's destruction

My early mornings gained a new routine
with imaginary worlds more focused.
Colourful sprites where the new dragons
and I was now the knight in question.
Saving the day with magic and swords,
hands and eyes becoming one.
But I still watched Laurel and Hardy,
as slapstick will always be fun

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Occasionally called Robbie said...

Eolist Petite said...
proof yet again, that imagination has no limits...
as always you see brilliance in something others see as noise. this one brought back many memories for me, (i even think i recognize that tv) thank you.
26 September 2010 11:01

Patricia ~ The Naked Writer said...
aHHH Saturday morning cartoons where you are actually excited to wake up at 7 am just to watch all your favourite shows :o)
thanks for this post it put a big grin on my face!
28 September 2010 20:07