From one man cave to another

One of the beautiful things about owning a garage/shed is being able to build things. Today I spent my time building an old workbench that I found in our loft... I kid you not, hidden behind our ceiling hatch was a fully constructed, hard as nails, heavy duty bench. From observations I can only assume that the previous owner of our house, liked nothing more than hide himself away from the world and build things... in his loft. From the look of it, it's seen plenty of action too, with holes, spills and nicks a plenty. He had even made himself a tool rack on the chimney breast and installed sockets for his power hungry machines. But due to my needing a some kind of table so I can start screen printing my tees, I thought I'd transfer the beast to my garage - which turned out to be no mean feat! The bench itself was obviously one of his creations, with multiple types of timber in varying thickness' and held together with 5inch nails. I had to admire him, the thing oozes man made and could probably survive being sideswiped by Godzilla! But I was determined, so hours later with lots a hammering and levering, I managed to break it down into small enough parts to fit through the ceiling hatch. And now it resides in a new man cave, to continue its part in the creation of things and making another man happy =D


IndigoWrath said...

Workspaces. Benches. And tools. Oh my.

I'm envious! =)

Occasionally called Robbie said...

It does make me happy =D And I realised my link was broken! All fixed now... phew!

Eolist Petite said...

i love this! want that space! super-envy!
all those nails to secure something must be a man thing - here there were literally 34 nails in a single piece of 2x84x1/4" door trim. didn't want that sucker to fall now did he? gee, i wonder if this house belonged to the same guy?