The joy of impending doom

Sometimes I wonder if I under value myself?

When I was a teen I had grand ideas of how I should leave my mark on the earth, I had it all planned out, and as far I could see, it couldn't possibly go wrong.

Step 1
Become an expert of geography, sociology, population, community and natural resources
Step 2
Using the above expert knowledge, determine the most likely location for a new town to be developed due to the demands of the ever increasing population
Step 3
Within said location, choose an area of land most likely to be the keystone of the new town based on it optimal geography, ease of building construction and access
Step 4
Buy this plot of land. Which of course will be dirt cheap as, at this point, there is no town present. 
Step 5
Become an expert stone mason
Step 6
With above knowledge, build a mausoleum/crypt large enough to house/sleep around three generations of  Munn
Step 7
Befriend/become (it was a considered job prospect when I was younger) the clergy and sanctify the ground.
Step 8
Grown old and die, happy in the knowledge that due to my impeccable planning, that my bones and that of future Munn's will no doubt be the centre of a town square, shopping centre, roundabout etc and that every member of the community will have to acknowledge me and wonder who the feck I was


Although to date, step 1 is still a hurdle I'm yet to achieve. And as time does it's job, I am starting to wonder what I shall leave behind, you know... if the above plan doesn't quite come about. But something tells me I've little to worry over, there's plenty of kick left in me yet, besides, being old is something I look forward to. A time when I can be rude, uncouth, tackless, dastardly, cunning, bitter and reckless, without a care in the world. Because "I'm sure he didn't mean to call your baby a screaming prune, he's old, bless him"

As I was on a theme, I thought I'd experiment  with how I may look when I get a few 'knowledge' creases. Pretty dapper I think! :{D Plus there 10 points to the first person who recognizes the background image....

Thanks for stopping by...


Anonymous said...

i don't find my knowledge creases a delight - though i'd guess i should wear them proudly because not only have i earned them, they come with excellent stories. with that in mind; what an excellent and noble quest! i do hope where ever it goes the Munn Legacy is filled with wonderful tales.

i won't wager a guess at the image origin - though i think it a video game for some reason or other - but i do hope you aren't suggesting you are human form of the Diablo in question...

Occasionally called Robbie said...

Hey Eolist! And how I love to read of your tales! :{D

And a fair guess with regards to the image - but sadly - No points :{\

Boom Boom Larew said...

I must say, you're aging gracefully. Better to be pitied by Mr. T than to be Mr. T.

IndigoWrath said...

Hey Robbie! There'll be a horde of little Munns, some of whom will one day sport fine moustaches. Immortality, buddy! As for the piccy, is it the cover of the Advanced D&D Player's Guide? *prepares a ten-point victory dance* Indigo

Occasionally called Robbie said...

Hey Larew - thanks for stopping by and too true re: Mr T :{D

Senior Indigo! 10 Points to you good Sir!! And a horde you say? hmm I like the idea of that!