The Englishman's Moustache Wax

A year ago today, I shaved off the majority of my face fuzz to aid a halloween costume. With my training beard gone, it was my whiskers time to flourish and I liked what I saw! Once hallows eve had passed I decided I'd nurture this new look. But as each day passed, it became apparent that I had no clue as to how you tame such a beast!?
Like most folk venturing down an unfamiliar path, I decided to look to the WWW for help. I was truly amazed at the support found, and comforted by not being alone with my lip wig quires.

My first attempt to calm my man strands, was by using DAX Red. This did a fair job but is soft and lacks moulding power, plus it did not fare well when out for a few jars of ale. Another factor is it's size, fantastic value for money, but not something that slips in your waist coat pocket. Saying that, when at home, with no inclination of venturing out, it's my first choice. Its soft nature makes it quick to apply and whilst not elegant, keeps my tache in check. 

My second foray into 'tache grooming was Pinaud's Clubman' Wax. At the time it seemed to be the most prevalent moustache wax available via the web. With varying shades to match (change?) your own hair, plus a small comb for simple application. For myself, the most notable delight was its fresh citrus aroma - a characteristic my lady was quite fond of too. It's holding power worked a treat and I thought my search was complete. Yet as my Mo grew, its weight crushed Clubman' efforts and I was left drooping. Not only this, but as my whiskers stretched out, I found I was using more and more and the tube was quickly emptying. I was foreseeing this method becoming an expensive endeavor. But for short to medium length 'taches, it's quite suitable, and certainly a step up from DAX.
My search was now common knowledge amongst friends. It was recommended to me that I look up a magazine called The Chap. As well as being a marvel to read, their website has a shop section which led me to the London made solution of my whiskery needs, and a fond appreciation of Bounder Extra Firm Moustache Wax. It made no attempt to hide what it is, an old fashioned wax that may require a bit more work to get the desired results, but once your lip is sculpted, it tends to stay that way all night, and often into the next day too!
As it's a more solid affair, it helps to warm it up a little by keeping it in your trouser pocket for a while before use, this makes application much easier. This wax also goes a long way, three tins with regular use lasted me near on 9 months - fantastic value for money.
Attention to detail is something I warm to, and every aspect of this product makes me smile. The presentation is top notch, from the banter on the outer packaging to the design of the tins themselves, Mr Wax clearly cares about what he makes and his customers. To top this, upon my recent delivery was attached a note from Mr Wax himself, which clearly marks him as a true gentleman. Long may he keep our man bristles looking sharp.
Many thanks for stopping by! :{D


Anonymous said...

I've never waxed anything, other thank a candle. I don't look good in a moustache. Goatee, yes. Beard, sure. But not the stache.

AndSomeDoug said...

Nice read, mucho' [Win].

And a personal letter, thanking for trade - That's just class!

IndigoWrath said...
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IndigoWrath said...

Hey Robbie! Your moustache is bushy beyond measure, old boy, and I'm not surprised those "popular" solutions weren't up to the task. And now you have an old-fashioned solution from a company with excellent old-fashioned business courtesy. Score! Indigo

Occasionally called Robbie said...

Joshua - I once volunteered to have my chest waxed to help someone one... I tend to not be so quick to help out these days

Doug - Cheers for very much buddy!

Indigo - Indeed, it's nice to know the old ways are still useful :)