Savage Tide

okay, I'm not sure far I'll get with this - but below I shall try to relay the exploits of a haphazard adventuring party on their quest for justice, fame and pot loads of cash... if they survive that long
There Is No Honor
Times are hard for Lavinia Vanderboren, a noble woman of the City of Sasserine. Forced into responsability of the family estate by the sudden and tragic demise of her parents, abandened by her unsavory brother, double crossed by the harbor masters skivy and struggling to keep debt collectors at bay. A lone woman in the city of Sasserine, a costal city founded 700 years ago by a priestess of Wee Jas, a city that has rarely known peace but has held strong despite it's tests, and fortunately a city where adventurers are easy to come by.
Lavinia first duty is to get her families estate back into order, by accessing the family vault kept safely beneath Castle Teraknian she could pay off the debts and allow her breathing space to find out where her brother has gotten to. As her fortune would have though, the key to accessing the vault lay on her parents boat - the Blue Nixie. Compounded by the Harbor Master for moring fees owed she could not gain access, of couse she did pay the fee to the Harbor Masters 2nd yet he claims he recived no such payment, leaving her no choice but to take matters beyond ethics and employ a more hands on approach...
Her informants had to put together a list of likely adventurers and after much deliberation she sent out letters to those in question asking them to meet her at the Vanderboren manor. Alerted of their arrival she noted that they were early which boded either eagerness or greed on their part but she didn't mind which as long they achieved her goal. As the group entered she had to cool her expression as the shock of the image infront of her had her fighting back a giggle of amusment! They intrduced themselfs individually instead of with a party name as she was custom to, and as they did so she mused on what role they would play in their adventures together. Most notable of the group was the one called Bow, a tall man with dashing good looks and a firm voice, as he took her hand in his she noted it were not a callus as she was expecting and placed him as a magic user - but now she thought on it she was sure she had overheard his name amongst her handmaidens chatter, and not in a bad way either! magic users rarely held the command of a womans heart so easily - a Bard he must be. The only other human was an attractive woman, Anna - whose physical prowess showed through her hugging garments, prowess utilised in combat no doubt as she wore a Rapier at her side as comfortably as a butcher holds his cleaver. The remaining three where of races not too common in Sasserine, infact she was sure one was not common to this plane! As tall as an elf yet with darker skin, his atire was quite tribal, only just passing as decent through civalised eyes. With obvious physical strength, his speach was supprisingly gentle and his eyes led no doubt to Lavinia that Korboro was an honorable being. The one which was obviously an elf, was also clearly a druid if not from his robes or the sent of wild herbs that surronded him, then from the way seemed uncomfortable being inside her manor. Lastly was the most curious gnome she had ever seen with bright red skin and despite his diminutive stature, he seemed to occupy a much larger space than was clear. She had heard that sorcorers held a similar presence but she did not think him one of them - time would tell she guessed.

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You have a good talent for writing, Rob. Is there no end to your talents?
I look forward to the next installment.