A long time coming - but is it still too soon?

my name is Robbie, and it has been over two and a half years since my last blog.

Why so long you ask?
In my defense, all I can say is that I'm an easily distracted fellow, whom when is caught by distraction enjoys running with it for the simple pleasure of finding out where it will lead. Often to find myself waist deep in a rabbit hole, realising I'm a little scared of the dark.

So with blinkers on - I am now ready to re-apply myself to the tappity tapping of keyboard linguistics. So where to begin? It's been 30 months and I know I have much to tell, so for now, lets keep it simple by pointing out some highlights. I turned 30 last year - which to my pleasant surprise was pretty awesome, and I am still very much enjoying a misguided illusion of youth. I am now a very proud uncle - well done Sis, the pressure is off me... for now. I got a new bike which I love dearly. And I have met a beautiful lady - which I hope to grow old with.

I still enjoy D&D although I do not get to go as often as I like, although you can catch me on xbox live if you fancy a bout. I am now a technical tutor at a university I admire and my tattoo collection has doubled (I now have two). As much as I want to write more now, I am limited to the length of my lunch break. I hope to get on here more often, and write about more interesting subjects.

It's good to be back - many thanks Indigo & iDifficult for the inspiration. I wont be as avid bloggers as you two, but I intend to keep tinkering away in the background :)

Thanks for reading


eolistpetite said...

time is a state of mind. ;)
i find that writing when you're inspired -no matter how long it has been between thoughts- yields the best result.

ps; when rabbit holes call answer, but try and remember your flashlight.

idifficult said...

Rabbit holes. My mind contains nothing else but.

IndigoWrath said...

Hey, it's Robbie!

My body is in Cambridge, but my mind is in Tahiti. The latter is warmer.

Robbie m'lad, you handsome funkster you, I'm delighted you've joined us. Ms. petite is correct, as ever; blog when the muse takes you (but not when she takes you to bed).