Geek Vs Nerd

I am Geek - I am Nerd

Up until recently I had considered myself a self confessed geek. I could not have explained to you exactly what aspects of my life detail this, as geekiness seems an integral part of my day to day routine.
But without too much searching it was easy to find many people on the web that out-geek me. With my Geek identity wavering I was beginning to wonder if I had been a fake all this time, until I remembered the Nerd. The intense Geek.

So what does it really mean to be either?
(please be aware that reading further could alter your self perception and affect future interaction with society*)

Here is a brief definition:

A person that is passionate about a particular subject or subjects, often relating to science fiction (films, literature, games) and items of a technical nature (computers, engines, lego) You do not need to be overly intelligent to be a Geek, just have a passion and enthusiasm about your interests that take you above and beyond the Normies.

A person who who takes great pleasure in the pursuit and acquisition of knowledge in subjects that are often detailed, complicated or alien. A Nerd will most likely find learning their chosen subject quite natural and find it difficult when Normies struggle to keep up with them, therefore, they do not tend to be overly social. Having a high IQ is extremely beneficial to the Nerd.

So a Nerd is just a really geeky Geek? - Yes
So do Geeks aspire to become Nerds? - erm...probably not

Yes, Nerds do out-geek the Geeks, but when it comes to socialising with the Normies, geeks have the advantage. Most Normies will accept a Star Trek geek telling of their fondness for the Klingon race. But when a Star Trek Nerd flexes their superiority and starts talking in the Klingon language, a Normie will feel incredibly uncomfortable. Unfortunately most Nerds are oblivious to the atmospheric quagmires they create. Awkward

Whilst knowledge is a wonderful thing, too much is just a little scary for Normies. Take Binary for example. Most Geeks know what it is and can explain it's principle to anyone. But a Nerd will 'know' Binary intimately and be able to read it as easily as the English language.


If Binary is not in your language remit, this may help :)

But I shouldn't let Nerds come across as too alien. Geeks have a code all of there own, though born out of a creative need to be cheeky and different, rather than having super brains that can do unusual things with 1's & 0's

Street credibility had never been a major concern in the past, but both parties have had a make over in recent years. Although thick glasses, bracers, ill fitting trousers, side parting of the hair and brown leather satchels still make the odd appearance. An effort has been made to trend up the Geek/Nerd image... not always successfully

Nerd clothing

Nerd tattoos

Geek tattoos

If you have never considered yourself a Geek or Nerd before, but after reading this are finding some things all too familiar. Below are a couple of tests I found on the web that help determine your Geek/Nerd factor. There is always the possibility that you are an extremely nerdy but socially aware uber Geek.

If that turns out to be the case, we should hang out :)

Despite a slight concern that maybe I was not geeky enough to wear the title, it turned out that I am simply not nerdy. So with my self proclaim Geek title back in place I may continue being geeky at my leisure, though there is a side to me that wishes I could be a bit more nerdy - unfortunately I just don't have the brain power :(

*Society - people whom do not understand - colon capital d


IndigoWrath said...

Sir, you are a geek. And yes, I am a geek also. And we are proud! Indigo

P.S. Geeks were originally circus performers who "ate" unconventional things as part of their act; eating glass, nails, or biting the heads off chickens. I think sword swallowers were also geeks?

Occasionally called Robbie said...

Yes this is true, before the commonly used title of Freak show, they used to be called Geek shows.

p.s I reckon Mr Lancaster could translate the Binary, but I wonder if he'll know which film it's quoted from :)

See you tonight fellow geeky compadre!

Eolist Petite said...

well damn. i just thought i was a smart bohemian. what a revelation.

idifficult said...

Oh dear. I'm confused. I think I may be a pudding.

Occasionally called Robbie said...

Just for you Keith, the T-shirt on the far left of the Nerd collection show the chemical formula for coffee :)

CatLadyLarew said...

But do you have the chemical formula for Dr. Pepper? Would I be cool and nerdy at the same time if I knew that or would I be just plain geeky? Or would I be none of the above?

Anonymous said...

You really haven't change since college. You are still the Robbie we all know and love :)

Nanodance said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I am kind of disappointed though. Turns out that I am neither geek nor nerd, but sometimes, if I try hard enough, I can pass.

Occasionally called Robbie said...

Comedy Queen, I'm not so sure, I feel like I've matured like a fine Port.... full of character, smooth and fruity :)

Ula Keka said...

I got Major Geek and am quite proud of it coz I didn't have to cheat to get it LMAO!