I know how to treat a lady...

It's true
with me it's nothing but good times all the way!

Well... as long as I'm with the right lady of course, and every day I tip my hat to fate in thanks, for I am lucky enough to have such a woman in my life.
A young woman that:
loves Star Wars
plays video games
writes lyrics
then sings them
drinks ale
enjoys a curry
loves to roll around with her feet in the air
loves Star Trek (mainly Spock)
makes cat noises
watches Family guy on repeat
has many tattoos
and is quite geeky to boot

To prove how well I know how to treat a lady, just the other night we were sitting indoors totally at a loss at what to do. To which I suggested - we should take pictures of each other then practice our photoshop skills by fixing them up! Not to my surprise she was well up for it, and so we spent half an hour fooling around with the camera before settling down for some Photoshop fun.
It didn't dawn on me till a few days later our night of retouching shenanigans would probably not have appealed to many, and so again, I tipped my hat to fate

And just to geek out a little more than usual, below I attempted my first 'rollover' image, so to see the before and after pictures 'roll' away

Click Me

I applogise that there is no picture of me but this entry is all about the Ani <3


Anonymous said...

I love you Robbie Munn <3

Eolist Petite said...

me thinks perhaps it is the beautiful lady who knows how to treat you - lucky lad that you are.

IndigoWrath said...

And I love you too, you big geek. In that wholesome, manly, not-at-all-gay kind of way. Brokeback Mountain? Brokewind more like.

Unknown Mami said...

Geeky and beautiful, keep tippin' your hat to fate.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful thing to say nob