The wonderful world of geek

As I spend much of my web surfing time looking for things that make my brain bubble (a side effect of getting excited) I thought I'd dedicate this entry to some things that I have stumbled upon.

Because accessing the inner geek is good for you. It empties the cache, corrects permissions and defrags the brain. Leaving you feeling shiny and new in a UV protected anti-static bag :)

First up is a fantastic site showing the evolution of the home gaming console, if only I knew about this site when I was writing: Love is in the 01100011011011110110010001100101 The information on each is a little thin but it's a great resource. Click!

My next discovery is currently my desktop image too. This is pure geek - A Periodic table of gaming controllers. The dedication gone to making this is applaudable, every time I shut down an application I am greeted with this, and it makes me happy :)

The work of Scott C also makes me happy, there is a charm to his work that defies frowns at every turn, these are some of my favorites (yes, I like games very much)

At last government funding has produced something useful. Sleepless nights are a thing of the past as I now know my place in the world. Phew!

Quite simply some of the best adverts I have ever seen. Long live Atari!

My random web wandering led me to Glennz T-shirt's, and now I am trying to save my pennies so that I may buy some, they rock!

I want one of these! I wonder if they make them to your personal specification? The 'fitting' process could be a little awkward, and it would have to be heavily varnished... I wouldn't want a splinter after all :)

I think that will do for now, my stomach is rumbling and I'm hankering for a chilli and a pint of Ale - Thanks for stopping by :)


idifficult said...

Defy anyone not to giggle at some point during this blog entry. The chair raised some mirth it has to be said.

IndigoWrath said...

Hey, are you the fella looking at the floppy disk in the bin?! It reminds me of you!

CatLadyLarew said...

Ah... wandering the internet. Always a good way to while away an afternoon. (She says after wasting an entire day on the computer.)

Kato said...

Hahah! Loved this post!

That chair? OMG.

Eolist Petite said...

brilliant! i grinned. i chuckled. i saw myself. and damn if i wasn't educated in the process!