Galliano inspired shoot

A big thank you to Heidi Wood for asking me to photograph her shoot and allowing me to get involved. Plus kudos on some beautiful styling, a bounty of props and finding a great model ;)

On the set only a single small softbox was used (positioned directly above) with a reflector used for fill, which created a slight theatrical look which I felt complimented the clothing. There were many nice images to choose from and over the last few days I have spent my free moments fine tuning one of them. It is hard to get a real feel for the detail here as I do not want to post too large an image on the web, but I think it gives you a fair idea. I hope you like :)
I'm not sure this is the final image as yet, but here it is so far
(click the image for a slightly larger view)

A cut away of before and after to show some of the detail, apologies for the poor quality 
(click the image for a slightly larger view)
Thanks for stopping by ;)

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Occasionally called Robbie said...

Eolist petite said...
beautiful! would make a wonderful magazine cover.
28 November 2010 04:22

Kato said...
I love EVERYTHING about this photo! Well done!
2 December 2010 21:00

Occasionally called Robbie said...
Thank you ladies! I happen to really like this shot too =D
6 December 2010 07:21