2 minute poems

Whilst in the pub the other night (no change there) Ani and I challenged each other to write a quick poem on the scrap of paper we had to hand. Despite their simple nature - no doubt due to the beverages we had already mellowed to - I thought they were kinda neat and I've typed them up (unedited) for digital prosperity.

You may or may not enjoy :)

From me to Ani:

Whilst surfing the web, I met a young lass
a geek she turned out to be.
Thinking my luck was in, I invited her out
to enjoy a tipple with me.
She accepted with speed! which surprised me somewhat
as I expected a night on my tod.
But we met with smiles that lasted all night and to this day,
I couldn't be a happier sod.

From Ani to me:

Robbie is a manly man, but for the ring in his nipple.
His hair was long, except on his chest
when he invited me out for a tipple.
His moustache needed a trim, when I first saw his grin
but, that never need matter.
For our love is strong and will last forever long,
as in love, we are as mad as hatters.

You may or may not enjoy :)

1 comment:

Occasionally called Robbie said...

Eolist petite said...
as quick and off the top of your heads as these may have been they seem a fitting tribute =)
18 December 2010 18:22
Kato said...
Hahah! I love these! So cute :)
21 December 2010 11:37

Pearl said...
I do this myself, on cocktail napkins! Glad to meet a fellow freak (if I may be so bold).

Great site. I'll be back!

31 December 2010 15:05

Gem Fatale said...
Haha these are great!
Your waxing tale made me laugh! I think most girls secretly like a furry man, so it's no surprise it wasn't a deal-breaker for your lady! Having said that, my boyfriend is pushing his luck with the huge, ginger (random, as his hair is brown!) beard he's cultivating at the moment. Tempted to chop it off whilst he's asleep!
10 January 2011 06:33

Occasionally called Robbie said...
Thank you for your comments!
Being cute is a part time job, but I always look forward to the shifts :)
21 January 2011 02:37