Easily does it...

Sometimes, everything just works.
Below are a few images from a shoot that was a real breeze, so much so that none of these images have had any retouching - and in this digital age, that's becoming a rare thing - everything was just... simple

Styling - Emily Corbin
Hair & Makeup - Lucy Jayne
Model - Hollie Scriven

Thanks for stopping by :)

1 comment:

Occasionally called Robbie said...

James said...
Nice one. Perfect as it is i can see what you mean. Just wish there was an automated lighting setup to get back to this when you need it.
14 January 2011 05:33

IndigoWrath said...
Hey Robbie! Nice photos matey, and a very striking lady. The first one of her looks a bit like Ms. Kidman! Indigo
14 January 2011 05:39

Kato said...
Beautiful photos! I love the lighting...and the model is gorgeous too!
14 January 2011 12:23

Occasionally called Robbie said...
James - Yes! Automated lighting - I'll get straight onto that :)

Indigo - I never noticed that, but now you mention it, she so does!

Kato - Thankyou! She was a great model, so easy to work with :)
21 January 2011 02:26