A touch of blue...

A noticeable change in style has occurred over the last year or so, where as 5 years ago I was very much into making my images punchy with helpings of contrast. I am now very much into taking my pictures back to an almost monotone state, with the odd colour left somewhere to keep it alive. Probably the result of spending the past 2 years or so with the talented Ani Graves, a healthy influence on my art as well as my heart.
(Click on image for larger viewing)

Conception & Stylist - Kayleigh Firth
Model -  Sophie

1 comment:

Occasionally called Robbie said...

Eolist petite said...
it appears that Ani has influenced you well.
18 January 2011 08:26

Anonymous said...
Beautiful pictures
and you inspire me everyday <3

Ani pants xxxx
20 January 2011 07:22

Occasionally called Robbie said...
Happiness can be found within us, but sometimes it's locked away and only by discovering the person with the key will life truly start to make sense
21 January 2011 02:32

Kato said...
Wow! Your work is amazing! I mean I had an idea, but...wow!

I think it reflects on you as a truly good artist that you can strip something down so much and yet still photograph it beautifully.
21 January 2011 21:13