iPhone 3G Screen replacement video...

When I mentioned I was to be replacing a cracked screen on my iPhone, I was asked to make a video of it. "Why not?" I thought to myself. And here is the result... somewhat different from what I was intending :{. The first thing of note is that upon completion it turned out the sound channel was corrupt which vexed me somewhat - grrr - the second thing was that in total the event took nearly 14min! Mainly due to me waffling on like I do, plus a couple parts of the iPhone that took some elbow grease to get into. But determined not to be hard done by - I did take the time to record it after all - I sped it up and chucked in a cheeky soundtrack to make the experience less dull... because lets face it, it 'is' incredibly dull

So if at all possible - Enjoy :{,

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Occasionally called Robbie said...

Kato said...
Wow. Want to do mine?

I like your cheeky music!! :)
23 February 2011 10:58