Finding wombs around me...

It occurred to me as I sat as a passenger in my friends car, that I have an instinctive desire to be held by my surroundings
At 6ft 2" I am gifted with 'top shelf' legs, yet when I travel by car, I naturally pull my seat forward so that my knees touch the glove compartment*
I simply adore small cars and in the larger varieties I feel somewhat uneasy. I'm not suggesting I like discomfort, I just like to be comfortably confined, when I look back, I guess this has always been the case...
As a toddler I used to crawl around with the clothes basket on my back like a tortoise, as an infant I used to build 'forts' out of the sofa cushions, I wrap myself up in chunky jumpers, I cuddle up to watch a movie and I only ever write in small books... I know, the small book thing is odd, but the pressure to be coherent or even entertaining feels daunting on a large sheet of paper. I guess, in a way, it feels like I'm placing a part of 'me' on the paper, and my need to be 'cosy', extends to my mental state as well as in my physical comforts?

Maybe - I'm just a little odd :{,

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Occasionally called Robbie said...

Eolist petite said...
what an interesting theory. i too am drawn to small spaces, things, and even groups but always assumed it was because i am small. i never thought along these lines, but this makes perfect sense! =)
20 February 2011 04:51

Kato said...
Aren't we all odd?

I too, used to love being confined in small spaces. Now, I despise it. I have developed such a bad case of claustrophobia it is ridiculous.

Ah yes, aren't we all odd?

23 February 2011 16:53

IndigoWrath said...
Hey Robbie! Well, you know what they say; tiny car, big personality? I'm mildly claustrophobic, but even at 6'5" I don't mind small cars if they somehow manage to be comfy! =D Indigo
28 February 2011 04:42