I have to admit, this year so far has been a little bit more manic than I could have expected. And where as last year I took pleasure in documenting all I got up to, this year I've been so tired I usually just plop myself in front of the xbox and sever my reality tendons.

But I really miss blogging! I have found such satisfaction from the experience and conversed with some amazing people because of it, that I am feeling ever so guilty for my slacking. So whilst I attempt to back track over the last 3 months, and bring to life some of the great moments I've traversed through, I thought I'd start with something simple. For some time now I've been collecting charts and tables that have made me chuckle, enough to be able to post one a week for a while to come! So whilst I get busy with the key tapping and picture cataloging, please enjoy the first of many - Kudos to all those that found/created these treasures...

 The D&D life experience flow chart
Enjoy!... more to come :{D

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Occasionally called Robbie said...

Kato said...
Hahaha! Renaissance Faires....brilliant.
23 March 2011 11:00

Eolist petite said...
i fit in none of these catagories. okay maybe one or two but who's counting?
23 March 2011 16:35