I got mail!...

I had my day totally made when I received this card via Mr Posty!

I love my job, I get to play with cameras all day and the opportunity to photograph myself is bountiful, but the main perk is working with the students, helping them along their path and ensuring their zany personalities shine through in their work, is very rewarding and often much fun.

But rarely after graduation do you see many of them again, and whilst there are still plenty of current and new students patiently waiting for September so that they may test me, its wonderful when you get a little thank you card from one that has flown the coup. I don't think I'm a bad tutor by any means, yet it's super awesome when you get a reminder that says you did good.

So a big thanks to 'T' who sent this card through (yes the rabbits do have little moustaches!) and also to those on FB who kept in touch - You rock!



James said...

I didn't realise you were teaching now.
Are you still a UCA employee?

IndigoWrath said...

Oi, Munn! Have you been shaping impressionable young minds again?! Good fer you, fella. Indigo