Sometimes, I make things...

The Gaming/Coffee table

A few weeks back, I had to take up the floor boards in our loft, to improve on the insulation,  which left me with lots of spare wood. And whilst playing Scrabble on the floor with Ani, it dawned on me that a low level table would be perfect for such activities! Plus if I made one with a lip, then dice would be safe from rolling off the edge when we play DandD or Vampire Masquerade. So with some time off work I thought I'd apply my hand, and spend some quality time in my garage ;{D

 First up, I needed a plan. After much deliberation and hours of hard work, this was my outcome

 Next up I had to choose my tools, I prefer the old ones ;)

 First part I completed was the main piece made from the old floor boards

 Next up was to make a frame for the table to sit in, kinda like a large picture frame!

 Lots of bolts, screws and glue later, all I needed to add was some legs

And here it is sitting proudly in out front room, ready for the nights gaming activities. A job well done if I do say so myself ;{D

There is still much to do to finish it off, I want to stain it to start with, then add a picture to the centre.

Thanks for stopping by!


As requested, below is a picture of the table complete with stain. I much prefer the darker look, and in the sun it has a cherry red hue which is just ace :)
In case anyone was wondering, the tables dimensions are 110cm by 92cm and it stand a humble 20cm high.


IndigoWrath said...

Handsome work, Sir. I tip my hats to you.

Anonymous said...

i love it! =)

Chris Rentner said...

Hope you will get some relaxation on your holiday, now that the project is done!

Occasionally called Robbie said...

Thank you muchly! I have now stained and polished it, and it is now a deep reddish brown. Quite happy with this in the end :)

AndSomeDoug said...

Are we gonna get a shot of the table now that it's stained and polished?

I'm keen to see the finish : )

Occasionally called Robbie said...

Hey Doug, well reminded! Consider this post - updated

AndSomeDoug said...

Nice to see the finish : )