For when scones just aren't English enough - Rock cakes rule

Recently, the fairy godmother of cakes filled my mind with thoughts of baking. It's been a while since I baked so whilst the magic she used was compulsive, I knew the limits of my abilities.

There are two particular cakes my Mum used to bake with frequency when I was a wee lad, eccles cakes & rock cakes. As I knew not where to start making eccles cakes, rock cakes was the way forward. With simple ingredients, they take hardly any time and are fully of nostalgic goodness!

For those that are not aware of rock cakes, they are basically sweet scones that demand you take as little care as possible with presentation. You could make them nice and neat or just gloop them onto a baking tray, the decision is yours :) Rock cakes became particularly popular in Britain during the WWII,due to limited resources, they were also often made with oats rather than flour, as white flour was so hard to come by.
 (May I stress that Ani bought the baking trays, not me)
What you'll need:
1 medium/large egg - beaten
110g/4oz butter - make sure it's soft before you start ;)
225g/8oz Self raising flour
1 tsp of baking soda
100g or so of your chosen fruit, I used currents, but you could use any small dried fruit, I'm thinking cranberries next time - Yum!
55g of granulate or brown sugar

How you do it?
• Pre-heat oven to 200º/Gas mark 5
•Sieve the flour into a bowl, then add the butter and baking soda and mix with your fingers until it all looks like bread crumbs
•Add the sugar and fruit and mix together
•Add the egg with a dash of milk and mix together until you it becomes dough-like, splash a tad more milk in if you need to
• Separate into 12 and plonk them on a greased (I used butter for this) baking tray/s
•I like to add a sprinkle of brown sugar to the top of each - just a little
•Stick them in the oven for 15 min

When they are ready let them stand for a bit then serve them up warm, either as they are, or with butter and jam - enjoy!
Needless to say, they go great with a cuppa tea!

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Anonymous said...

oh my... it would appear that i will be baking today! thank you! =)

Occasionally called Robbie said...

I hope they turn out scrummy! ={D

AndSomeDoug said...

That's some sweet kitchen action there!

And is that a four slice dual setting double action toaster I can see. Nice!

IndigoWrath said...

Sliced open, butter and jam, pot of tea! Nomnomnomnomshlurp!

Anonymous said...

And now I'm making these this weekend.

Occasionally called Robbie said...

Doug - you know your toasters Sir!

Indigo - Butter and Jam, you cannot go wrong there ;D

Joshua - All the best with them! Remember to tuck in whilst they're still warm :{D