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Over the past year or so I've grown quite fond of my thigh tickler. So instead of shaving it off, I thought I'd try my hand at designing some cool products in aid of raising money for Movember.

As I had no clue as to what people would like to buy, I decided to keep things simple by using my 'Geek with Chic' logo as a template (it's a classic after all!) After guesstimating the sizes, I had a small number of them cut out of acrylic via a laser cutter, then attached the findings.

Etsy made setting up an online shop a doddle, and within a short time - and some support from great people - I had my first sales.
My first collection
After some friendly badgering via FB and Twitter - I try not to go on about it too much - the shop started to get some interest. With a couple of items coming close to running out, I had enough confidence under my belt to make some more, and whilst at it, added some other designs into the mix, which I have to say, look rather smart :)
A few additions
Despite not making a huge amount of money for Movember, I thoroughly enjoyed the process and have decided to keep the shop open, I have even started working on some new designs and some other products that I hope to share with you all soon. The first of which wil be some test brooches made from wood - if these work well then I'll be making some of the above in wood too, but as a starting point (and some healthy encouragement) this is a how it looks so far...
Pipe & Beard combo
The problem has been finding the right wood to use. I originally wanted walnut, but it's quite hard to come by locally, so I tried a 3mm 3ply. This did not go well - how was I supposed to know it was fire retardent? The laser gave it's best, but simply was not cutting through. So I moved down to a 1.5mm 9ply which cut like a dream, yet alone it seemed a bit fragile so I have glued two together with the above results. I like it! It's a 40x45mm brooch which I'll test drive this weekend. If all goes well, there'll be new product in the shop soon!

Talking of which, if you would like to check out the range, please click the link on this page or click HERE

Many thanks for stopping by :{D


As a special treat I thought I'd share my most recent modelling escaped! Last week I was asked to model for a shoot, as I looked "retro" and that was her theme. As it turned out, we used 90% of my own clothes and I set up the lighting and camera... it was like one of my many self portrait sessions, without the camera being on timer. But with some minor RAW editing I think the end result was really quite dapper, with a nice painty quality too it - Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Excellent 'stache and beard, sir. Kick ass jacket, too.

I've grown a beard, but that's because I'm lazy and cheap.

Anonymous said...

as always your creativity never ceases to be anything but amazing...

and dude... nice look! =)

IndigoWrath said...

'Ere, oo's that 'andsome bastard?!

Dr Max Tunguska said...

Pip pip sir - where did you park your kite?