Life's right hook

Life is very good at jabbing you, deep, in the kidneys.
You can attempt to prepare yourself, glance the blow, if you see it coming.
But when it's out of the blue, it pops your vision out of sync and after the numbness subsides, you feel the pain of your insides being twisted out of shape.
You recover from these jabs in time, although never fully.
There's always a scar, an un-suppressible memory, for good or for worse.

Life can be beautiful, but occasionally, it can be a right bitch.


Chris Rentner said...

Very true, well done. The tattos and scars, though, are our souveniers.

Anonymous said...

Only occasionally?

Anonymous said...

indeed. {{hugs}}

Ula Keka said...

Very true though my jabs come often it's those moments of recovery I yearn for. But when those moments come so does the worry of when recovery is over and the jabs start again that ruin it.

Hope you are okay Sweetie.

Occasionally called Robbie said...

Thank you all for stopping by and taking time to comment :)

And thank you for the hugs! I'll be sure to pass them on, as these words were a reflection of some horrible news a good friend just got.

Wishing you all well :)

IndigoWrath said...

Hey Robbie! Sadly all true. May Life not drop any such a turd on your doorstep for a long, long time. Indigo