Baring my all - 'Working title'

I've been working on these images for a while now. Not in a physical sense, but in the continual mulling of an idea. It started as a sensation, there being something that I wanted to do. Not sure of what the 'something' was, I started to mentally design lighting sets, creating venues, looking for one that felt right

Once decided, I was sure the set would create the right scene, but the right scene for what? This took just as long, as I screwed up and discarded ideas into my internal trash can, whilst pinning the few I liked to my minds cork board. Eventually I was left with all I needed, a lighting set, and a concept. All I need do is get off my rump and do it - this also took some time

So I present these images (in a form suitable for public consumption) for you to make of them what you will. I realise in this format you do not get to experience the subtleties of the expressions or the inclinations of the tones, but if I ever exhibit them, I'll let you know (although those will not be censored - just so you know)

'Working title'

Thank you for stopping by


IndigoWrath said...

Hiya matey, these are cool! And I need your assistance with a similar "au naturel" blog entry that I'm working on... Indigo

Anonymous said...

i like these, though they seem a bit plain - for lack of a far more artistic term - in comparison with your other work. i would be interested to see them in the concept and finished form. some day i swear i shall see your work in a wonderfully sized coffee table book. =)

Ula Keka said...

And who had to stand there and take these shots as you jumped around flapping all about the place?? ;0)

Occasionally called Robbie said...

Thanks Indigo, and it would be an pleasure to assist if I can :)

Eolist - I know what you mean, they do lose their impact in this format, but one day that coffee table book will be mine! =D

Ula Keka - Not to subject anybody to the mental scarring, these were taken with the camera on a timer ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice...tats. :o)