He-Man 1982

As a tribute to Prince Adam's 30th birthday - well... 30yrs since He-Man was first marketed, Prince Adam keeps his actual age very close to his (enormous) chest - I made this poster, somewhat inspired by Conan imagery, which coincidently, was shown in cinemas that same year...

Me-Man, not just Adam, but the whole of Eternia, has a special place in my heart. As a child I was thrown into a world of wizardry, technology and swordplay, as well as taught how to be a better person - What more could a young boy want? - jetpack, I really wanted a jetpack 

If you missed it, I've also been reworking some of Eternia into alternative locations, which you can check out here CLICKY

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Anonymous said...

One time, while driving with the parents in the front, me behind the driver (dad) and brother on the other side, I was playing with my He-Man and She-Ra on the open window. She-Ra fell out. Dad stopped, walked back, and retrieved her from the road. But not before someone flattened her boobs.

Occasionally called Robbie said...

=O I'd of been devastated, but on the plus side, He-Man was alright :D

Anonymous said...

i love this.

my son spent many hours with this show... i still recall his extreme disappointment at failing to turn into He-Man when he raised his sword and called out "I HAVE THE POWER!"

PS; i think the live action movie seriously missed its mark. *sigh*

Indigo Roth said...

Hey Robbie! I've been enjoying these pics, so thank you! I was a tad too old for the show, but enjoyed it nonetheless. And THUNDERCATS! FILMATION made it, I think? Like the awesome (and earlier) STAR TREK ANIMATED and TARZAN shows! Now THEY were really something! Indigo